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Entrance Fee The entrance fee for a team is DKK 42.000.
Some may find this expensive, but over 40% of the entrance fee is earmarked just to cover the teams' transport expenses from Iceland to Ammassalik and back. The fee includes flight from Iceland to Kulusuk Island, transportation to Ammassalik Island either by boat or helicopter, accommodation in Tasiilaq with breakfast and evening buffet. Return to Iceland.

To participate in The Arctic Team Challenge 2003 the teams have to fill in the application forms. Details about the application procedure are found in the [bylaws] section.

  • Applications will be evaluated when received by fax or post , and applicants notified of their status within two weeks .
  • Qualified teams will be offered entry invitations on a first-come , first-served basis .
  • Incomplete applications may be offered a conditional invitation under special circumstances.
  • Details about the application procedure are found in the Race Bylaws (see menu).
  • Questions or other inquiries related to the application process or a specific application should be directed via email to
  • Deadline for application entry will be June 1st   2003

Important :

When a team application is accepted , the team must within 3 weeks transfer 25% of the total entry fee : DKK 10,500 to The Arctic Team Challenge’s account.
The final cut-off day for full payment is June 15th 2003.

The entry fee for one team is DKK 42.000,00. The entry fee includes flights from Reykjavik/Kulusuk and Kulusuk/Tasiilaq and return to Reykjavik , lodging , breakfast and evening buffet. Residents of Greenland may participate at a reduced entry fee.



You have two options filling in your application form:

1) You may either print the online page (click on 'printable fax format' above) and fill it in subsequently, or

2) You can download the application form as a Word- or RTF-file (click on desired format above), type in your details and print it before you fax it.

In any case, please remember to sign it!